The Safety Scarf is a winter accessory featuring sewable electronics that both keep the user warm and keep  safe on cold winter nights, all while still looking stylish. This very soft and cozy wearable project is embedded with a LilyPad UBS Plus, a LilyPad Light Sensor, and two sewable LED ribbons. When ambient light is low, the LED ribbons will automatically turn on, making the wearer more visible to drivers, bikers and other pedestrians - ultimately making them safer. The material quality of the LED ribbon makes them look like piping along the seam - giving them a subtle, clean aesthetic.

As shown in the images, the Safety Scarf features an infinity scarf style. On extra cold nights, the user can loop it around twice, giving extra warmth and comfort. On more temperate nights, the user can wear it loose, allowing more breathing room. The circuit switch and charging port are easily accessible, making powering on and off easy. Since it is both comfy and cute, and the electronics are mostly hidden, the user can also use it for warmth alone during the day. 

This project was made for SparkFun Electronics. To learn more about this project and to make your own, visit the full tutorial here. Photography by Chelsea Moll