PRISMATIME is a product that expresses time using ambient colored light. Through fluid color changes, this timekeeping system attempts to ease our tense relationship with time, and maybe help us feel less enslaved by the clock.

Do you feel stressed by time? I certainly do. In fact, Living by the ticking of the ever accurate clock causes me undue anxiety. The modern world demands a standardized approach to telling time. But I propose another: PRISMATIME. Instead of counting minutes, it makes us aware of time passing as its ambient color changes. I think this more gently and passively alerts us to time passing. For me, it frees me to be fully present in the present, without worrying about being late in the near future. Instead of feeling marched through life by minutes, it seems to ebb and flow. The soft transitions of color alert me to the transitions I must make. Time to stop, time to shower and go out, and unfettered time to focus and create.