This is a conceptual prototype of a wearable device. I was concerned with creating an object that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable to wear.

On this cuff bracelet there are two batteries, three differently colored LEDs and a switch for each LED. The idea is that the user wears the bracelet on a daily basis. When a small task pops into the users head, such as needing to make a doctors appointment, the user will turn on one of the LED lights using the associated switch. The light will remain on until the user completes their task and turns it off. It is a play on the old memory strategy of tying a string around your finger. I chose different colored LEDs so that the color will trigger the memory of what needs to be done. I find using association for memory retention very effective and wanted to incorporate it into my design.

The simple analog behavior of this object allows for extremely simple and subtle interaction without disrupting the flow of day to day tasks, work, or conversation.